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Reality Zine
Reimagining Matrix in Couture

Reality Zine was created as a reimagining of the Matrix into couture. This zine solely focuses on Neo in the Matrix, as he goes through a journey of self discovery. 

Special thanks to my model Joshua Nathaniel.  

Set Design
Constume Design
Spread Design

Reality Zine 

The interaction of the readers with their reality was an element that I wanted to add. So readers need to flip the magazine upside down to exit Neo’s reality. 

Zine Trailer

Promotional trailer for Reality Zine. 

Music: Edited version of Vanished by Crystal Castles

Project Background

Reality Magazine was created as a reimagining of the Matrix into couture. Rather than following the main plot of the Matrix, the magazine solely focuses on Neo and his self-growth journey during the Matrix. 

Pictured: Physical Moodboard

Physical Moodboard

Designing for the magazine, textures were heavily influential for props, hair, makeup, costume and set design. 

Each spread was dedicated to a particular concept: Hiding, Awakened, and Rebirth. In addition to this “Choice” was added later on for clarity to the story. 


After sketching out ideas, a friend of mine modeled to test out the outfits and the best poses for the costumes I designed.

Everything was thrifted and altered to fit each concept. 

Set Design

Renting out the studio space, I had one hour to shoot each concept, so beforehand I prepared easily movable sets. Prior to each shoot I styled hair, makeup, and costumes for my model. 

Additional Photography 

For the sake of clarity, one page was scrapped from the final zine. Along with this were some other amazing alternative shots before choosing the final imagry for the zine pictured here. 

Photography, hair, makeup, and set design self directed.
Special thanks to my model Joshua.
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