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Better Sleep for New Mothers

Dozy is a DTC brand designed to aid new mothers in better sleep. First-time mothers often forget that they need sleep too. Mothers can use Dozy along with our at home care kit to aid in better sleep.

Special thanks to my partner Sara Meola.  

User Interface Design
Social Media
Product Photography

The Dozy App

Dozy is the key way to help new mothers use the benefits of modern devices to help themselves and their babies thrive. 

Through your phone, the Dozy app can evaluate sleep habits and inform mothers on insights with their newborns giving them peace of mind.

DTC At Home Wellness Kit

Mothers lack sleep more than ever during pregnancy and postpartum. Dozy helps with that. By giving mothers a unique wellness kit paired with our application, moms have more time to prioritize their health too. 

What’s in the Box?

The wellness kit contains a cooling blanket for hot flashes, a digital camera for peace of mind, baby swaddle, and a diffuser with three essential oils. 

Why Essential Oils?

We’ve chosen these oils as a multi use aid when it comes to healing your body. 

Our research shows that ginger helps with nausea. Arnica helps with reducing stretch marks and lavender reduces pain and aids in gentler sleep.

Case Study

 With this project we set out to design a digital experience and supplemental ephemera that produces healthier behavior in sleep performance and habits in users. 

Dozy lets mothers take advantage of technology by implementing  automatic sleep tracking aids. Mother’s can sleep well knowing that their babies are being taken care of. Mothers can focus on taking care of themselves as well.

Understanding a New Mother’s Sleep

target audience:
New mothers, usually ages 25-35, who find themselves losing sleep while caring for their newborn baby.

To research our ideas for Dozy, we looked to data that described how pregnancy and the postpartum  experience effected new mothers.

60% of womenpostpartum experienced poor sleep quality after 2 months.

3 monthsafter delivery mothers see the most changes in their sleep schedule.

78% of womenreported more sleep disturbances during pregnancy than other times.

User Scenario

Jane, a new mother at age 26, has finally reached her breaking point with her newborn baby.  

She is constantly tired, but wants to be the best mother she can be, so she decides to get help!

She comes across a Facebook group for new mothers and asks for recommendations.

One of the moms responds and recommends Dozy to balance her baby and sleep!

Jane then downloads the Dozy app and is on her way to a more balanced motherhood!

Visual Identity

Designing Dozy
Initially, Dozy began as bright and approachable. However, we realized that mothers are often woken durning the night by their babies. They would be used to working in low-light environments. So, we rebranded Dozy to help mothers.

Low-fi prototype 

Developing Dozy we had three goals:

  • A unique data visualization system
  • A simple, approachable application
  • Dark and calm feel for easy use at night 

All product photography and set design done myself.
Thanks to Sara Meola for being a great project partner.
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