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An Experience for Colorblind Children

Boon is a children’s book that comes to life in a experience for colorblind children. Partnering with optometrists’ offices, young children will be educated, entertained, and entered into the new world of Boon.

Thanks to my amazing team, Hannah FitzGerald and Peyton Harris

3D Modeling
Experience Design
User Interface Design

Boon’s Big Adventure

In this book we follow Boon the Bunny as he loses his colorblind glasses. He goes on a great adventure to get them back and learns to love himself with the help of his friends. 

This book helps to normalize colorblindness and glasses as tools for young children.


Inspired by the storybook characters, this branding was created specifically with a high-contrast color palette that is easily differentiated in standard and deficient color vision.

The Boon Experience

Sign-in and get ready to have fun! Children can grab a snack and their colorblind glasses and wait as they begin working to boost the contrast in color you can see. After 15 minutes, make your way over to the library and let your eyes be opened to the world of color at your fingertips!

Storefront Sign-in

Point of Sale

Cafe Deliverables

Project Background

why colorblindness? :
isolation to imagination

Children are often diagnosed with colorblindness around ages 4-8. As these children often feel isolated from their peers, our goal was to create an experience that takes advantage of colorblind glasses in a setting designed to educate and bring children together.

While these glasses will not cure colorblindness, they aid in creating contrast between colors, allowing for a perceived change in color after 15–30 minutes of wear. 

Competitor Analysis & Moodboard

To create the Boon experience we took what worked and discarded what didn't from our competitor analysis. This along with our moodboard inspired us to go big on colorful and interactive design.

Environment Ideation

In collaboration with my team, we created sketches for what the Boon building would look like, following the plot of the book itself as you walk through the building.


As my first expansive illustration project I did everything from character illustration ideas to thumbnails, value blocking, polished sketches, and coloring.

Thanks to my amazing group partners Hannah FitzGerald and Peyton Harris.

Hannah FitzGerald – Packaging, Figma Design 
Peyton Harris – Branding, 3D Renders, Creative Writing
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